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Bite and Blossom

Wholesale Display Terrarium

Wholesale Display Terrarium

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Bite and Blossom Environment Controlled Automatic LED Terrarium

Create the perfect habitat for your carnivorous plants with Bite and Blossom's state-of-the-art Environment Controlled Automatic LED Terrarium. Designed to maintain the ideal environment year-round, this terrarium is the ultimate tool for any carnivorous plant enthusiast.

  • Optimized Lighting: Equipped with automatic LED lights, our terrarium ensures your plants receive the precise amount of light they need. The lights are set on a 16-hour on and 8-hour off timer, perfectly mimicking the natural light cycle for optimal plant growth.

  • Advanced Airflow System: Two 1-inch fans for intake and outtake air circulation maintain a consistent and healthy airflow within the terrarium. This system prevents stagnation and promotes a healthy growing environment.

  • Integrated Heat Pad: A built-in heat pad keeps the environment warm, essential for the thriving of many carnivorous plant species. This feature is especially beneficial during cooler months, ensuring your plants stay cozy and vigorous.

  • Spacious Plant Tray: The included 1020 plant tray can comfortably hold up to 24 plants, providing ample space for a diverse collection. This large capacity makes it ideal for both growing and displaying your carnivorous plants.

  • Ideal Humidity and Heat Retention: Our terrarium is expertly designed to trap humidity and heat, key factors in flourishing carnivorous plants. The controlled environment ensures your plants always have the conditions they need to thrive.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, the Bite and Blossom Environment Controlled Automatic LED Terrarium is the perfect solution for maintaining the health and beauty of your carnivorous plants all year round. Say goodbye to environmental challenges and hello to thriving, vibrant plants with our expertly crafted terrarium.

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